Permanent exhibitions

A new digital trail

Duration of the visit : 60 minutes Multilingual Disabled access

A fun trail for families

From 26 March 2022, the Royal Saltworks offers a new digital trail so that visitors, particularly families, can enjoy an enriched and fun tour of the heritage site. There are 4 new places to visit:
– An immersive lodge in the heart of the Western Berne building that presents some of the most beautiful World Heritage sites.
– A new touch table installed in the Ledoux Museum that presents the architect’s work, both built and imagined, through three different user trails.
– ‘A memory of the place’, a new exhibition on the fate of the salt factory after its closure in 1895, which focuses on the issue of time.
– An augmented reality visit using the HistoPad tablet.

Discover the 4 installations

Immersive lodge: the invention of World Heritage
The Royal Saltworks and the start-up ICONEM have installed a new augmented reality device. Like a time and space travel capsule, a lodge in the centre of the Western Berne (salt building) will present some of the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites (such as the pyramids of Giza, the temples of Angkor, the ruins of Palmyra and the Buddhas of Bamiyan). Video-mapping techniques have been used to compose a 3D journey through five continents and thousands of years of history.

A memory of the place, permanent exhibition
From 2022, you can visit a new exhibition, ‘A memory of the place’, on the fate of the salt factory after its closure in 1895. This exhibition focuses on the issue of time, with interactive devices created with the master watchmaker Philippe Lebru that help us better understand the history of the Royal Saltworks after the factory’s closure.

HistoPad Tablet
The HistoPad developed by the Royal Saltworks and Histovery allows, thanks to a touch-screen tablet, a completely new kind of visit of the monument. A 360° immersion in history and 3D interactive objects allow visitors to imagine  themselves in the Royal Saltworks in the 18th century, and to learn about the salt workers at the time when the factory was up and running.

The architect’s museum, touch table
The new trail includes a new multi-lingual touch screen in the Ledoux Museum, which will present the architect’s work, both built and imagined, through three different user  modes. A scientific trail will present the digitised drawings from Claude Nicolas Ledoux’s architectural treatise. Fans of architecture will discover 3D models of monuments designed by the architect, which will come to life in front of them, and a discovery trail will give visitors the opportunity to explore the different facets of this architect, philosopher and writer.