saline royale arc-et-senans - visite - exposition - jardins - hôtel - séminaire - libraire - boutique - résidence artiste
saline royale arc-et-senans - visite - exposition - jardins - hôtel - séminaire - libraire - boutique - résidence artiste

guided tours

saline royale arc-et-senans - visite - exposition - jardins - hôtel - séminaire - libraire - boutique - résidence artiste
Discover the royal Saltworks

Duration of the tour: 1 hour

An official tour-guide presents the 11 buildings that were the living and work locations of the Saltworks employees, gives an explanation of the exhibit « The History of Salt », and then introduces the life and work of Ledoux.

The history of salt

Duration of the tour: 1 hour

An official tour guide presents the history and operations of a salt production site in the 18th century, and leads the way along the tracks of the “white gold”. Learn about its origins, production, trade, uses, and value up to present day.

Claude Nicolas Ledoux - His life his work

Duration of the tour: 1 hour

With the help of the 57 models at the Ledoux museum, the only European museum dedicated to an architect, an official tour guide introduces the life, building work, and Ideal City Projects of the famous architect.

The garden festival

Duration of the tour: 1 ½ hours

Eleven gardens of great diversity in shape and colour occupy the area of more than 4 hectares, where the employees’ vegetable gardens used to be in the 18th century. Every year one of the most renowned garden festivals of Europe takes place here. Groups of visitors can take part in a guided tour and discover the famous Royal Saltworks Garden festival.

Stories around salt & the Ledoux Museum

Duration of the tour: 2 hours

Discovery of the Royal Saltworks, complete visit of the permanent collections.

private tours

It is also possible to book a tour with an official tour guide out of opening hours. Please see the GUIDED TOURS paragraph above, to discover the types of tours that are available.

audio-guide tours

With an audio-guided trail, available in French, English and German, visitors can discover the history of the Saltworks at their own pace with different levels of detail in the explanations available. The duration of the tour using the audio-guide is between 30 minutes and 1h30 minutes.

A 25-minute video about the life and work of Claude Nicolas Ledoux, shown in the ’amphitheatre’ of the Ledoux museum, is also available in combination with your tour. You can also purchase books on the topics of salt, architecture and the history of the Saltworks in the bookshop.


« We keep very good memories of our stay at the Saline royale d’Arc-et-Senans. We did not know the Saline royale before coming but we are all impressed by the atmosphere that reigns there: an extraordinary atmosphere, mysterious and indescribable at the same time. This place has a soul and our only regret is not being able to extend our stay to discover all the proposed activities. « 

Bertrand Tao

Bertrand TAO, French of Chinese origin, left August 8, 2016 on the roads of Santiago de Compostela and shared his travel story on his blog. While walking, he decided to appeal for donations to marginalized children in rural and mountainous China. His call has been widely heard and relayed by thousands of Chinese persons on social networks around the world. At the request of his readers, Bertrand Tao sets out to organize travel itineraries in France and Europe. Then he becomes designer and travel guide. Always in search of unusual sites, he incorporated the Saline royale in the program of his last itinerary in 2018. Conquered by the beauty and originality of this site, he decided to systematically integrate it into his future programs of 2019.

Bertrand Tao

Président of the association « La route ensemble »



Tours in French
– 1 hour: 95 €
– 2 hours: 125 €

Tours in English or German
– 1 hour: 115 €
– 2 hours: 155 €

Private use of the site (out of opening hours) 500 € per group

Admission fees are due in addition to each tour booking (with the exception of private use of the site or overnight stays)
Adult groups (from 20 persons): 8,50 € per person (free entry for 1 accompanying guide)

School groups (from 20 to 50 pupils):
– Ages 6 to 17: 4,50 € per pupil
– Ages 18 to 25: 6,00 € per pupil
Free entry for one accompanying adult for each 10 pupils – Additional accompanying adults: 8,50 € per person


Group of 50 persons:
– 500 €

In order to ensure everybody’s comfort and the quality of the tour, we recommend booking a guide for groups of 25 persons.

Contact and information

+33 (0)3 81 54 45 45

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