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Saline royale Bookshop and Giftshop

Free access

The Saline royale opened a bookshop/gift shop in May 1984 under the direction of Richard Edwards.  Built in the former Cour des Gardes by two architects, J. Aubert and F. Montès, in a modern style, the bookshop creates a surprising contrast with the establishment.



Its main sections are architecture, urban planning and foresight. It is the leading bookshop outside of Paris specialised in architecture, and the second nationally. The bookshop/gift shop is a direct result of the Saline royal’s cultural and scientific project. It is anchored in its original themes, linked to the visitor experience and the image the monument reflects, and offers a wide range of items and books on philosophy, science, gardens and the arts.



The Saline royale shop offers a wide range of items in connection with the site and the cultural programme. You can find designer and decorative items, games, an assortment of salts and local products, and other accessories such as watches, pens, globes, etc.

French, English, German
Free parking
Accessible to people with reduced mobility