Hotel & restaurant

Saline royale Hotel

A 3-star hotel within a UNESCO monument

Inside the premises of the Saline royale, in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the 3-star hotel contains 31 bedrooms revisited by the famous designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte and decorated by the architect and comic book author Damien Cabiron. These artists have worked in total resonance with the original ambition of the creator of the Saline royale – Claude-Nicolas Ledoux – who wanted an architecture that was “as pure as that of the sun in its course”.



Single room: €86 incl. VAT

Double or twin room: €115 incl. VAT

Triple room: €137 incl. VAT


Breakfast: €10 incl. VAT per person

Visitor tax

€1 incl. VAT per night and per person