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Saline royale's cultural season

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Embark on a amazing journey across centuries and continents, in 3D immersion in UNESCO World Heritage sites.
DECEMBER 22, 2023 - MARCH 31, 2024 Temporary animations
850 years of history in your hands ! Immerse yourself in the Notre-Dame history, from its Middle Age builders to the current restoration building site. An immersion in augmented reality with the Histopad tablet.
SUMMER 2024 Concerts & Shows
A summer evening at the Royal Saltworks: visit, dinner and huge projections of Vincent Munier's photographic work in the Center of Lights.
AUGUST 2024 Concerts & Shows
Lux Salina takes us through the different periods of the history of La Saline Royale from the 18th century to the present day.
19 & 20 OCTOBER 2024 Family
Like every year, the Royal Saltworks offers a Plant Fair. Many exhibitors will offer for sale shrubs, fruit trees, hardy perennials and old roses, flower bulbs and rhizomes ...