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The bookshop-gift shop, which opened in 1984, is in the former Cour des Gardes, in a modern style, in correlation with the architecture of the site. The bookshop-gift shop is open at the same times as the monument.



Leading bookshop outside the capital specialised in architecture and the second largest in France, it is the result of a cultural and scientific project by the Saline royale. It remains loyal to its original themes: architecture, salt, the 18th century, the gardens, in connection with the visitor experience.

The bookshop proposes over 1,500 books and over 6,000 references on-site: guides, specialist titles, monographs, art books, novels, essays, technical works, comic books, etc.



The Saline royale gift shop offers a wide range of items in line with the cultural programme. Assortments of salt and local products, stationery, posters, notebooks, etc. This assortment is completed by fun, educational and sensory products for young people, to stimulate children’s imagination and observation.

A meticulous selection is made in accordance with the values of the Saline royale, which is committed to a sustainable development approach. The origin of the products is closely observed to guarantee that they are made in ethical working conditions. A large number of products are made from biodegradable materials.



Book-signing sessions are the opportunity to meet and talk with authors, illustrators, cartoonists, providing the keys to understanding and an insight into gardens and architecture, but also the pleasure of making literary discoveries.

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In our bookshop, you can find

Ledoux and the 18th century

Several references on Claude Nicolas Ledoux, the architect of the Saline royale. The architects who inspired him and those he influenced. What he read, his interests. The historical context between monarchy, the Revolutionary period and the Age of Enlightenment.


From Vitruve to Sir Norman Foster, from Ledoux to Le Corbusier, architecture has played an essential role in people’s lives. A vast choice of works: monographs, treatises, essays, production techniques.


The Saline royale, a royal saltworks, a production plant in the 18th century, what is this “white gold” that springs from the soil of Franche Comté? We also look at salt production through the era and continents.

History and Heritage

Abbeys, castles, outstanding sites, sites registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, whether they are industrial, natural or intangible.


Famous men, literature, cuisine and wine, history, customs and legends, nature, tourism, heritage… there is so much to see and discover in Franche-Comté!

In the Bookshop, you’ll find all the information you need to find out more about the region where the Saline royal developed and of which is it now one of the cultural jewels.

Gardens and biodiversity

After admiring the Vast Circle, an island of biodiversity, inspired by the thinking of Gilles Clément on the “Planetary garden”, come and discover his bibliography: practical books, essays, Rousseau’s and Alain Corbin’s thinking on nature, references on different plant aspects: soil, seed, feeder, etc.