Gardens in motion

Duration of the visit90 min

To discover all year round

The temporary gardens of the traditional Festival, which has been held every year for the past 20 years from June to October, will be transformed into permanent gardens based on Gilles Clément’s garden in motion idea. 12 gardens are distributed into four triptychs that can be visited all year round, the main focus of which is all aspects of plant life: seed, soil, life, adaptation, photosynthesis, cooperation.

Designed by the Mayot & Toussaint team and completed with educational institutions in cooperation with the gardens team, these gardens will be of interest in all seasons.

They have been designed as a series of moods as you move from the wind garden to the protective thorn garden, from the “potapoule” allotment to the edible forest. Discover seeds that travel, move and sleep. Pass under the shade of the trees, walk barefoot on leaves, humus, and  pebbles. Stop and gaze up at the sky in the time garden. These gardens aim to give you a new educational, playful and poetical look at life. Appreciate the wealth of our world and connect your senses. The completion of these gardens in the existing semi-circle is the first step of the project “Un Cercle Immense” (a vast circle), the new landscaping design which will enrich the five-hectare visitor trail of the Saline royale and will be inaugurated in June 2022.

Description of the gardens

The travelling seed library

This garden can be likened to a seed locker: there are flying seeds, lightweight seeds, exploding seeds, seeds that stick to animal fur, etc.

Dormancy Saline royale
Dormancy Saline royale 2


This garden invites visitors to dormancy and contemplation in large hammocks in the trees.

The cryptogram circle

A circle of poplars in a the form of a clearing, home to many ferns and providing a refreshing break thanks to its mist sprays.

Feet on the ground garden
Feet on the ground garden 2

Feet on the ground

This garden covers the subject of recycling and can be discovered barefoot to appreciate the materials on the ground: terracotta, metal, asphalt, wood, etc.

The time garden
The time garden

The time garden

Praise the sky in this garden where you can admire the intensity of the colour of the blue sky. Visitors are invited to rest in the rooms full of plants and to smell the fragrances.

The wind garden


A maze combining architecture and sculpture where visitors can move different panels to create their own route.

The protective thorn Saline royale
The protective thorn

The Zen garden

This garden has been designed for meditation and tranquillity by the landscape gardener Erik Borja.

Le potapoule

The wind garden

This garden allows visitors to discover an incredible collection of grasses playing with heights and colours all year.

The edible forest - Saline royale Arc et Senans

The protective thorn

Visitors stroll along a corten steel path among different thorny plants.

The maze - Saline royale

The potapoule allotment

The vegetable garden at the Saline royale is also home to many hens. Visitors can meander through the mounds to discover different crops.

The Zen garden

The edible forest

Fruit trees populate this forest, along with plants like kiwis, vines, blackberries and hops that climb up the trees.