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For years, the Saline royale has been a place for meetings and creation. Certified a Heritage Site for Culture in 1972 and in keeping with its history as a centre for reflecting on the future, it is the ideal venue for bringing colleagues together, thinking about strategies and sharing team-building moments.


An immersive venue : Fifteen meeting rooms for up to 1,500 people / Accommodation for up to 97 people / On-site dining / 13-hectare park / Energising activities in tune with the venue and its main themes.


The Saline royale can also host small seminars (management boards, team meetings, corporate anniversaries, etc.) and large events, such as project launches or conventions. The layouts, equipment and decoration of the rooms can be modified according to your preferences.


Access by train : Arc-et-Senans train station 100 metres from the monument, 3 hours 30 from Paris (high-speed train to Mouchard, then TER to Arc-et-Senans), 2 hours 10 from Lausanne (high-speed train to Dole, then TER to Arc-et-Senans) and 2 hours 20 from Lyon (TER direct)

Available spaces

Available spaces


Clerk Saline royale Arc et Senans


West bern

West bern Saline royale Arc et Senans

Reception Rooms

– “West Salt” Room

Headmaster's house

Reception Rooms

– Armand’s Room
– Raphael’s Room
– Tocqueveille’s Room
– Campanella’s Room
– Malraux’s Room

Salt Museum & exhibitions

Salt Museum & exhibitions

Est bern

Est bern

Reception Rooms

– “East Salt” Room
– Fourrier’s Room
– Vauban’s Room

The gabelle

The gabelle Saline royale Arc et Senans

Reception Rooms

– Salle Corbusier
– Salle Piranèse

Hôtel 3*

– 6 rooms

Western berniers


Guards Saline royale Arc et Senans

3* Hotel

– hotel reception
– rooms

Ticket office reception

Bookshop & Gift shop


Blacksmithing Saline royale Arc et Senans

Reception Rooms

– Einstein’s Room
– Pasteur’s Room
– Verne’s Room


– Table des jardins

Eastern berniers

Eastern berniers

Reception Room

– Miegon’s Room


– Gite

Hall St Antoine


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