The themed gardens

Duration of the visit60 min

To discover from 4th June 2022

Workshop-type educational gardens with topics that echo the gardens in motion can be visited since June 2022 in the second semi-circle. These gardens in the Vast Circle are dedicated to transferring knowledge: garden of colours and scents, garden of medicinal and aromatic plants, garden of ancient cereals, permaculture garden, etc.


The priority given to respecting the site’s natural resources is a challenge, a source of creativity and a springboard for learning for students: minimised soil sealing, use of mulch to minimise drying of soil, development of composting over the site, precedence given to local materials and plants that do not need watering, etc. Classified a Sensitive Natural Area and with the Refuge LPO label, the Saline royale has been managed without herbicides since 2014.

Description of the gardens

Garden of colours and scents

Ornamental and colourful garden to discover perennials ordered by colour.

Medicinal and aromatic plant garden

Presentation of the benefits of plants and their uses in this garden.

Water garden

Garden that presents the aquatic, animal and plant diversity which develops without human intervention.

Garden of ancient cereals

Conservatory of varieties of ancient seeds.


This garden supplies the restaurant thanks to its permaculture management and can be useful for cookery workshops.

The Jura Arc Garden

The Jura Arc garden is designed as part of the Interreg “Living lab Arc jurassien” project and will involve arranging a space that raises awareness about the preservation of fragile ecosystems in the Jura Arc, in particular through the representation of a peat bog or a steephead valley.