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Site Memories

Duration of the visit : 60 minutes Multilingual Disabled access

"The Saline after the Saline" - from 1895 to modern day

We know about the architectural masterpiece and its history as the Saline royale, but we know little about what happened after its closure in 1895. A series of unfinished projects ensued, there was the threat of disappearance, the possibility of it being used as a prison, etc., until its lengthy restoration began in the 1960s, crowned with its registration on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Today, it is a museum and a place of culture. Its adventure, spanning over a century, is related through an exhibition with testimonies and memories.

Discover the exhibition “Site Memories” redesigned around the topic of time. Ten interactive devices made with master watchmaker Philippe Lebru and Utinam help to provide a better understanding of the history of the Saline royale after salt production ended.