Permanent exhibitions

The Center of Lights

Duration of the visit : 60 minutes Multilingual Disabled access

Immersion in UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The Saline royale, in collaboration with ICONEM, is continuing to redesign its visit route with its new 3D immersive space, unique in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, promising you an unforgettable experience. Discover a whole section of a heritage left to Humanity and let yourself be transported into the universe of the Center de Lumières.


Through eight 8-minute films , to the borders of the origin of our civilizations, embark on a journey to the four corners of the world. (Re)discover eight UNESCO World Heritage sites as you’ve never seen them before, in 3D immersion. Through centuries and continents, navigate on the interactive globe, answer the quiz to learn more about world heritage and the need to preserve it.


You will explore threatened, disappeared or inaccessible properties: Pharaonic Egypt with the Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza, the city of Palmyra in Syria, Venice in Italy, Mughal art with the tomb of Humayun, the work of Claude Nicolas Ledoux or the rock paintings of La Serrania de la Lindosa in the Colombian Amazon, rarely shown in France.


Also visit a pavilion dedicated to intangible heritage with 360° videos presenting different UNESCO-listed traditions.




Le projet Immersion 3D dans le patrimoine mondial est soutenu par le Fonds européen de développement régional (FEDER)